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Why Dove Hunt at Estancia La Criolla?


As you may know, Argentina is world renowned for the best dove hunts on the planet! At our ranch in the Santa Fe Province of Argentina, called Estancia La Criolla, you will experience magical dove hunts and so much more.


Tons of doves, lots of land.


The Santa Fe Province of Argentina is overwhelmed with tens of millions of doves. The high bird populations virtually guarantee action packed dove hunting. Estancia La Criolla has 10,000 acres of private land and over the 25,000 acres of leased land. The ranch is literally surrounded by roosts and crops inhabited by an estimated 30 million doves. Our more than 40 dove hunting areas, located no more than 20 minutes away, allow us to give the hunters numerous shooting options every day. Argentina dove hunts are offered year round with no season or bag limits.



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