Credit Card Processing


Want to take credit cards from your customers and clients?

We can help set you up with a Merchant Account to take credit cards just like we do. The setup fee is minimal and processing rates are as good as they get.


Computer Crews is excited to announce its affiliation with Features include: processing in office point of sale credit/debit card payments, online e-commerce transaction processing, as well as processing wireless transactions, on the go, using your PDA or cell phone. has harnessed the power of the Internet, providing an advanced solution that makes credit card processing not only secure, but just plain easier as well!



How can it help you build YOUR business?

Excellent question! Since support is built in for virtual terminal operations (using a standard Web browser), telephone transactions, PDA transactions and recurring charges, following is a list of some applications for this advanced payment technology:


Service Professionals (lawn care, plumbing, electrical, etc.)

Perform credit card authorization immediately upon completion of a job, at your customers location, using your cell phone or PDA.


Real Estate or Store Front

Use the virtual terminal with the optional USB card reader to process credit/debit cards quickly and easily.


Sales Professionals

Meet with your client, close the sale, and complete billing using your cell phone, laptop, Windows Mobile or Palm PDA.


Subscription-based Businesses

Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB) is included, at no additional charge, supporting subscription or membership type billing needs.



Ready to learn More?

At Computer Crews, we have been so impressed by the added-value of the system that we have selected it as our preferred solution for our clients seeking advanced payment processing.


When you are ready to "test drive" the system or for a quotation, give us a call at 303-402-1668. We look forward to discussing your business requirements and will schedule a complimentary demo, tailored to your business needs, where you get to drive!


No high pressure sales tactics, no trick questions, just a simple solution.


Numerous resources are available to assist you in determining how can help you build your business at the website.