Application Hosting


Application Hosting Solutions
Computer Crews offers application hosting solutions to meet the needs of your small business. Application hosting services implies: installing and running applications on a third party server instead on a local network. Application Hosting allows you to focus on your business and productivity, work from anywhere, effectively manage applications, reduce operating time and costs.


Focus On Your Business
Whether your company is big or small, keeping up with technology and lacking resources is a huge burden. Application hosting saves resources in terms of finances, employee manpower, and it takes over stress of managing the IT infrastructure.


Boost Productivity, With New Technology

Technology is rapidly evolving, and stresses the point "out with the old, in with the new" mentality. Application hosting allows you to implement the latest technology and resouces including: servers, data protection, security tools. Also allowing you to access your applications in a secured, safe and reliable enviroment.


Reduce Application Operation & Costs

Ownership of an application can be costly, having to own the equipment, licenses, & keep up with IT infrastructure maintenance. Application hosting gets rid of these costs, frees up internal resouces, and operation time.


Expertise & Professionalism

Many companies lack the technical expertise to manage and process an IT Infrastructure as well as the costs to go along with it. Computer Crews offers application hosting and solutions to fill this gap. We can guide your through the process and get your company in the right direction.


Troubleshooting & Support

Having your applications hosted by a third party means you don't have to worry about uptime, performance, technical troubleshooting, software upgrades, inventory, and office space.